Get Creases Out of Tablecloths

Get Creases Out of Tablecloths

If you’re visiting this page, you’re wondering how to get creases out of tablecloths. And if you purchased linens online, chances are they have lots of creases. This is from being folded up as small as possible so they could be shipped to the U.S. from China. Then, of course, they sat in a warehouse, waiting to be purchased. Being folded up for an extended time sets the creases, making them hard to remove; and the large size of your tablecloths makes the whole process very time consuming.

Your Time = Money

Focus on more important things — let us do the pressing.

We will get the creases out of your tablecloths.
120″ Round: $10 ea.
6′ Rectangle: $10 ea.
8′ Rectangle or 132″ round: $12 ea.
Pressed linens will be hung on a drapery hanger, covered with a clear plastic bag and labeled by size.

PLEASE CALL  573-200-2813

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Lake Party Rentals is proud to offer linen pressing service to the lake of the ozarks area. Time is of the essence where pressing services are concerned. We offer delivery to an 80-mile radius of Lake of the Ozarks, including Lebanon, Jefferson City and Fort Wood for an additional fee. Set-up and tear-down service is available for an additional fee. Rates subject to change without notice. We also offer economy linen rental which may be more reasonable than paying for pressing service. We suggest you schedule your  as early as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.