Linens: The Secret Sauce of Your Reception

Linens: The Secret Sauce of Your Reception

For most brides, their wedding color is one of the most meaningful and personal aspects of the wedding.  That’s why when it comes to reception decor, brides often spend hours on Pinterest and various wedding websites researching creative ways to use their color.

If you dissect those Pinterest photos, you’ll often see that a significant portion of the look and feel of the reception comes from the choice of linens.

Yet many banquet halls, resorts and hotels only offer white, ivory or black linens.  For these establishments, it’s not economically smart to purchase, launder and store a variety of linens in an array of fabrics and colors. That’s where linen rental companies come in.

Here are some basic tips for renting linens:
  • Ask your wedding coordinator if they have a preferred vendor and/or seek out a linen rental company in your area.
  • Ask to see swatch cards and fabric samples. If you have a specific color you want to match, bring a swatch with you.
  • Be sure you know the size of your tables and how many you’ll be covering.  Linen rental costs vary by size and fabric.
  • Compare what you’re getting against the price. If the linen rental estimate is outside your budget, ask for cost-cutting suggestions.
  • Find out how your items will be delivered. Linens delivered on hangers are pressed and ready for use. Can you pick them up? Do they deliver, and if so, what is the fee?
  • Get an estimate on letterhead that includes any government taxes and/or additional fees (such as delivery) so you have a record of the full cost, along with the size and quantity of linens quoted.
  • Lastly, be sure to reserve your linens well in advance. If you are wanting custom linens (be they a unique size or fabric) you need to reserve them several months in advance.

Linen rental companies offer delivery to your venue, for an additional fee, however many also allow you to pick up your linens from their showroom (free), so be sure to ask for specifics.

Note: Linens are heavy.
An order of 19, 90×90 polyester overlays and 150 polyester napkins comes to a whopping 67.5 pounds. If you’re using full-length tablecloths (to the floor), it will be even heavier. Consider the weight, how you will transport your linens, and the distance you’ll be carrying them inside your venue before you turn down delivery.

A quality rental company keeps up on trends and maintains good relationships with suppliers so they can offer the most sought-after colors and quality fabrics. Whether you are holding your big day in the back yard, a barn or a tony resort, a linen rental company can help you turn any space into a feast for the eyes.

blue table covers

Royal Blue Wedding Reception

orange table linens

Tangerine with overlay

pink sweetheart table

Pink Sweetheart Table with lace overlay


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