Best Ways to Use a Square Overlay

Best ways to use a Square Overlay

Whether bold, soft, neutral or high-contrast, this often overlooked linen can achieve a myriad of looks at a great rental rate.

Add a Little Something

If your venue offers basic linens, the square overlay is a great choice for adding color at an inexpensive rental rate. We’ve all seen the sheer overlays, but there are many other fabrics available–not the least of which is the ever so economical polyester.

Granted, like most things, there are lots of options so don’t dismiss the idea just because you saw a few poorly-executed designs. (Like a too-small overlay)

We also need to add that while a polyester overlay is very cost effective, fancy lace and unique fabrics also come in overlays but will be more expensive.

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Champagne Overlays with Ivory full-length round linens

Control the linen budget

For those who need to cover a room full of round tables, square polyester overlays are incredibly inexpensive. Especially if you’re covering 60” rounds, which are the most popular size for Open Venues (those that only provide the tables and chairs: linens are your responsibility). If properly placed, they will cover the chair legs. Since they rent so cheaply, you can enjoy the convenience of rental at a very low rate.

linen, rent, overlay, 60 inch round table

Square overlays on 60″ round tables

Spice up your accent tables

The guest book table, the dessert table or even the head table are all great places to use an overlay. These areas are often where you see lace, sequins, jacquards or damasks, etc. They add texture and color to the tables.

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Square Lace overlay on cake table












At Lake Party Rentals we have overlays in 70+ colors of polyester as well as numerous fabrics. Please stop by or set up an appointment to see our linen samples.

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Overlay in Pintuck fabric, Raspberry color



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