My Old Flame

My Old Flame

Candles and tealights are romantic–we get it–but candle wax destroys table linens and is hard to clean from votive holders, candle sticks, etc. Wax on table linens can result in replacement fees, and cleaning fees always apply for votive/candle holders returned with wax on them. 

We personally feel that battery operated tea lights and candles are best for a) low lighting, that b) does not cause damage, because c) there is no flame, but there is another option for flame-lovers who want to use votive holders:

Liquid Paraffin

This fluid burns clean (no black smoke), it’s fully contained in a burner so NO MESS, and best of all, it has a long burn time. The smallest version burns 8 hours and is small enough for a votive holder. After the event, snuff out the flame and dispose of the cell in the proper trash receptacle. Your decorative votive holders and candle holders will be wax free!

Search online for “fuel cell” and you’ll find options with various sizes and burn times.


Disposable liquid paraffin fuel cell with cap over wick.





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