Pinterest Fails

Sometimes, we just want to have a little fun.

Let’s face it: When it comes to wedding planning, Pinterest is everyone’s favorite clearing house of ideas. Some of them very good and some of them epically bad. Sometimes the difference is clear and other times, only the voice of experience can expose their folly. Below are some that should probably be avoided.

As part of this ongoing post, we are taking a long, hard look at some of the things we see posted on Pinterest.

Pinterest Fails

hay bale seating, bad ideas, weddings

Hay (or Straw) Bale Seating

Yes, that’s right. Everyone’s favorite pin is a thumbs-down. But don’t take our word for it. Read what wedding guests who’ve sat on hay bales have to say. Pokey, itchy, smelly, rash-causing, bug-ridden, low-to-the-ground, backless hay bales are a fail in the eyes of most guests. Also, a giant pain to move (when was the last time you picked up a hay or straw bale?) and they can’t be on the ground for long without being ruined.

Hay Bale Seating is a No
Hay Bale Seating Forum

hanging table, wedding, bad idea

Hanging Table
















While this makes a great picture, the use of a swinging table can be dangerous and should probably be avoided. Imagine broken glasses, spilled drinks, dirty drinkware, how the table will swing when bumped, etc.

wedding, bad ideas, picnic reception

Picnic Reception











Just a blanket on bumpy, rocky ground and a basket of food that’s been working overtime as bug bait while you exchange vows. Imagine guests eating food off a plate they balance on their lap while they swat at flies and pick off ticks.

banana split, wedding, bad ideas

Make a 10-foot Banana Split
















Consider these details: Standard rectangular banquet tables are 8 feet long (why would someone suggest a 10-foot dessert?). Can I build this before it melts? If no, then where and how will I store sections of this? (How wide and how deep is the freezer at your venue?) How will I serve this before it melts? How many people will 10 feet (or 8 feet) of ice cream feed? And last but not least; lactose intolerance at your wedding.

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Concrete squares for Bridesmaids to stand on














What’s worse than asking your bridesmaids to wear stiletto heels? Asking them to teeter on a small paver in stilettos. (PS: This pic looks as if it was taken on a golf green. Most lawns are uneven so the paver will be uneven as well.)

Pinterest Fails, glow sticks for kids at wedding

Glow Sticks – Not always kid-friendly

















Experience has taught us that a) glow sticks can break, b) kids know how to break them (especially the cheap ones), and c) little boys are obsessed with seeing and touching that mysterious glowing fluid. Note: glow stick fluid causes permanent damage. (Think of your linens, seat cushions, clothing, the carpet, etc.) The dye stain is like your love: everlasting. It does NOT come out. And the stain it leaves behind is day-glo in color. Proceed with caution.