Making Tables Top of Mind

Making Tables Top of Mind

When a bride starts planning her wedding, tables are seldom first thing on her mind.  In fact, it’s usually one of the last things she considers.  Some brides never give it a thought because their wedding venue provides one style of table, so they happily go with what’s provided.

For those who are using non-traditional settings such as private residences, museums, libraries, etc, table shape and size matters. Venues such as these were not necessarily made for large parties or receptions and often have limited if not odd-shaped rooms and spaces.  Just because you want rounds (or squares or feast seating) doesn’t mean it will fit. Get with the event coordinator and discuss your ideas. Ask them what has worked in the past so you know straight from the horse’s mouth what works and what does not. Most of all, be willing to adapt your plans for what works in the space.

Table sizes also matter when it comes to linens. If you’re satisfied with what your venue offers, then you’re set. But again, many unique venues such as those listed above don’t offer tables, chairs, linens, etc. So as you consider tables, don’t forget the table linens. The size of linen and the type of fabric determine the cost, ergo, larger tables and larger tablecloths will cost more. If you want a specialty fabric, expect to pay more than if you use polyester.

Lastly, be sure you use the proper size allowances for the type and size of table you’re considering. As you see in the picture below, the chairs are not pushed under the table. They are just touching the linen, ergo, leaving an allowance for a seated person. There is still room for someone to walk behind the chairs and for guests to pull out the chair/push backwards, to sit or stand.

Tip: If you see a room set-up and the chairs are pushed under the tables, ask yourself how much room remains once guests are seated. Will there be room for others to pass behind seated guests? Is there room for guests to move their chairs out to sit and stand?

Rectangular Tables


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