Six Things Your Party Rental Agent Wants You to Know

Six things your party rental agent wants you to know

My husband and I have been running a party rental company for five years now. In this time, we’ve noticed that certain actions and questions find their way into our interactions with customers. We’ve also learned that the majority of our clients have never used a party rental company before, so in the spirit of enlightenment, following are six things we’d like you to know about how we do business, and/or how the rental industry works.

It’s okay to tell us you’ve gone another direction
As a high-service rental company, we track estimates and check back with potential clients. We check back because we want to make sure you received the communications, that you have all the info you need and to see if you need anything more. Sometimes these follow-up emails are followed by radio silence. Because of this, we feel compelled to clear the air: you won’t hurt our feelings if you tell us you’ve made a different decision. We understand that you have options and we understand that not every client is our client. It’s okay. And on a positive note, by telling us you’ve gone another direction, you’ve given us the ability to move on (i.e., we’ll stop contacting you).

Yes, you should read the rental contract.
We don’t know why people ask this, or why anyone would sign any agreement they haven’t read, but yes, you should read the contract before you sign. And if you have questions, please ask.

Rental items are not disposable
We occasionally get customers who behave as if rental items are disposable therefore it won’t matter if they damage or destroy them. That’s simply not true. Just like a rental car, you are borrowing. Just like a rental car, you are renting for a specific amount of time, for a specific use, and there are terms and conditions specific to your use of the item (all of which are outlined in the rental contract–see #2 above).

Price shopping only “kinda” works
You can’t rent an exotic sports car from Budget Car Rental. Likewise, event rental companies come in various tiers and quality levels. Some offer basic quality and limited customer service. Others are more exclusive, offering upper-level customer service and high-end products. Items that are well maintained and of higher quality generally cost more to rent.

Linens: Rent Vs Buy
Linen rental companies are not trying to compete with cheap online linen retailers. Rental companies provide linens to you, ready to use, the day before your event and take them back, dirty and smelly, the day after. Linen rental is a choice based on service and convenience. Linen rental companies also have access to unique colors, fabrics, sizes, etc, and have samples in their showroom so you can see the fabric before you rent.

The Budget
Sometimes budgets don’t fit with rental rates. We understand–it’s okay! And if that’s the case, we’re sorry to lose your business. Please keep us in mind for any future needs, and please see #1.